Episode 107: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Frank King

Frank King, is a former writer for The Tonight Show for twenty years, a full-time speaker and a comedienne for thirty-four years.

He became a speaker and joined the National Speaker Association and entered the speaking business industry in the mid-’90s and is now known to be a humorous keynote speaker. 

As a kid, he saw and knew what it feels like to lose a loved one due to suicide that made him decide in re-branding himself as a motivational speaker where he can talk something serious and started the advocacy by speaking about suicide prevention in 2014.

Like all other businesses, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. Due to the recession, he decided to file for bankruptcy.

Overcoming Challenges:
Frank started to invest his time in learning from other motivational speakers and told to himself that he can do the things that a motivational speaker does too. Frank made sure that he got something that he can teach somebody, taking stock on his family life where a series of mental health issues and events had happened. Frank then realized he can speak about suicide prevention.

Frank is passionate about men’s mental health, in particular, he finds it very purposeful to be speaking about suicide prevention where he receives great feedback from his audiences that can very much relate to his topic and found hope in their situation.

Frank wants to bring the suicide rate down in the next four to five years for everybody and for men in particular.

Frank believes that the riches are in the niches, he meant that in speaking, there are a lot of speakers that can speak about a lot of things, there are generalists. People like to talk about a lot of things which are great but maybe a little hard to market. He then realized that he needs to find an ideal plan, pick a lane, a niche, and make sure that whatever it is that he as a speaker would like to speak or talk about that it should be organic and one should be passionate about to get a speaking career going.

Personal Growth:
Frank found it very therapeutic going on stage, his vulnerability is his superpower as his good friend l him. He believes that by speaking on stage it gives other people their voice to their experiences and feelings surrounding depression. His job is to simply get on stage and start the conversation and making people realize that they are not alone and that their condition has a name.

Tools, Podcasts & Books:

Looking Back:
If Frank can go back in 1996 he would have listened to his friend’s advice and have been a motivational speaker since and should be living in a much larger house today. Looking back, he realized that it helps to listen to some advice.

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Get free content and find out more about Frank King by going to https://www.thementalhealthcomedian.com/frank-king-speaking/


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