Episode 107: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Helen MacMillan

Helen MacMillan is a Master Healer, Life Transformation Coach and Wise Woman. A “serial entrepreneur” who has built 3 successful businesses, Helen transitioned 12 years ago from an illustrious 30 year career in physical therapy and complementary wellness to the life coaching industry. Her expertise in the area of creating joyful and sustainable success has been featured on podcasts and television interviews and in print media articles (Essence and Ebony magazines). Ever evolving and answering the call to her next level of passion and purpose, Helen is currently launching her 4th business – SovereignMinds – a personal development company that supports ambitious, multicultural individuals in achieving the mental and emotional liberation that allows them to experience uncompromised success.

Helen started her business to have control over her time and how much she earned. She also is a rebel and never really liked people telling her what to do. At the age of 10, her parents started their first business, a real estate company, so she was exposed to early training in business.

Helen grew up in Jamaica and started her first two businesses there. She never had access to lines of credit or credit cards and so early on cash flow was a challenge. This helped her learn to get creative in bootstrapping her business and also good at asking for help. Most of her obstacles were internal though, her beliefs about herself and what was possible. She had to learn to look at her money beliefs and intentionally created a healthy relationship with money. She worked from a ‘failure is not an option’ mentality when she started her first business with two children, 2 years and 6 months, at the time.

Overcoming Challenges:
Helen learned to find balance and to take time for self-care, to nourish herself and say yes to herself as much as she said yes to clients. “Self-care and self-love directly relate to your bottom line in your business because when you value yourself, you value goes up and that is reflected in your bank account.”

Helen has recently launched a rebrand of her 11 year old business from Helen MacMillan Coaching to Sovereign Minds and she’s passionate about helping people make the internal shifts, so they can be liberated to create an uncompromised life. She helps people identify their blind spots and areas where they are compromised, where they’ve settled to have a less than perfect life.

Helen has been soul driven and deeply spiritual her entire life and she has evolved her personal mantra to embodying a commitment to evolving the consciousness of the planet as a global transformational leader. This work is not a compromise for her and she works with change agents and people to be a part of this bigger vision to transform millions of lives. The next level of the organization will increase training more change makers, and ‘tsunami makers.’

The best advice Helen received was from Max Simon, the son of David Simon, Deepak Chopra’s partner at the Chopra Institute:

” There are two people you should listen to (1) the people who are paying you (your clients) and (2) the people you pay (mentors, who you hire for expertise) and everybody else’s opinion doesn’t matter so much.”

Ultimately, even though you pay for advice, just run it back through your own GPS, because at the end of the day you know what’s best for you.

Tools, Podcasts & Books:


Looking Back:
Looking back Helen would tell her younger self, “Relax, you can’t F*ck is up. It’s all a learning experience and if you approach it from that perspective, it will be a lot more fun. Enjoy the ride.”

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Find out more about Helen MacMillan by visiting www.helenmacmillan.com



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