Episode 98: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Kara Scott Dentley

Kara Scott-Dentley is a scientist turned entrepreneur and success specialist. Prior to retirement at the age of 35 years, she served in the Federal Government as a Physicist and Geospatial analyst for 9+ years. Her research is well respected and is published in the United States and internationally. Since her retirement, she has been privileged to travel around the world to give talks on the Science to Success using methods and first principle strategies learned during her academic and work career.

Dr. Dentley enjoys sharing with audiences how she was able to make the shift from merely existing to truly enjoying life and how those who desire can too! Her desire is to inspire others to dream a bigger dream, and to live the life they desire NOW! She will continue to inspire the hearts of individuals via speaking, coaching, and training as a Global leader. Dr. Kara and her husband, Dr. James Dentley, are co-founders of their non-profit organization, Already Always Amazing, where they help support children, veterans and seniors by providing necessary resources and support. Through their non-profit organization, they feed hundreds of seniors and children in the city of Chicago, help youth write their own books, and provide funding for specialized programs.

Kara was inspired to start her business when she became a mom and she knew she wanted to grab her time back and have the time freedom to be present with her son. Working for Homeland Security her time was not her own. She started her business and transitioned from her day job over 6 years! She walked away with a plan.

Her parents were her confidants but they thought she should stay at her “good job”, so Kara struggled to make the decision to make the big move to entrepreneurship. Once her dad gave the green light (her mother was encouraging), she had nothing holding her back. It was difficult to set up a consistent and productive schedule that worked for her. 

Kara is growing the health and wellness part of her business while helping others to grow their business and increase their reach with media and streaming.

Kara is on a mission to help moms earn 6-7 figures in a sisterhood of fun, without the stress and strain of standard businesses.

Raise your standards. Find the person best at what you want to learn and study them. Have many mentors.

Surround yourself with the right people. The right idea shared with the wrong person can put doubt in your spirit and your ideas can just fly out the window. Surround yourself with people who are supportive, but ask thought provoking questions.

Exercise is the best “tool” to free the brain while listening to podcasts.

Tools, Podcasts & Books:

Looking Back:
Looking back Kara would be more intentional. She spent a lot of time in education and “schooling was in the way” and didn’t fuel her the way it should have.

Interview Links:
Find out more about Dr Kara Scott Dentley by visiting https://limitlessforwomen.com/________________________

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