Kate Erickson is the “second half” of a top-ranked daily business podcast that interviews successful entrepreneurs.

In today’s episode, you’ll discover how Kate transitioned from the world of corporate advertising into being the right-hand-woman of John Lee Dumas, founder of Entrepreneur on Fire.


As the content creator, Kate consistently delivers actionable advice and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. She also leads the amazing Fire Nation community, including the Fire Nation Elite mastermind group. 


Kate strongly believes that the key to success in any business lies in closely listening to your customers and giving them what they want. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion full of golden nuggets that will help you grow as an entrepreneur.

  • The obstacles that Kate had to overcome on her path to being a successful businesswoman.
  • The importance of delegating tasks within your business in order to focus on your most effective work.
  • How believing in yourself and taking massive action will exponentially speed up your growth.
  • The mindset shift that Kate needed to make in order to become truly successful.
Entrepreneurs Resource:
  • Use WorkFlowy as a task-keeping tool.
  • TextExpander helps you write faster by creating keyboard shortcuts to often-used text snippets.
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Looking Back: 

If Kate could do it all over again, she would have been much more open with her struggles. She had a lot of questions about how to overcome the stigmas of entrepreneurship. If she could change anything, she would have thought less of what other people think of her, and really focused on doing what she wanted to be doing.

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