Kim Page is a Speaker, Business Strategist & Soul Reader is the creator of Money Mastery: Uncover Your Personal Blueprint for Making More Money (even if you’re making lots now)’. Kim serves highly conscious women to discover the unconscious patterns that are secretly sabotaging their success as entrepreneurs. By reading their Soul’s Blueprint, Kim helps entrepreneurs discover the unrevealed secrets from their soul that serve as a personal guide to developing a highly profitable and highly fulfilling business.


She was inspired at the age of 14  through issues in her family and quickly saw the devastation that the lack of financial success create with her family. Later in her life, she became burnt out and unfulfilled, so she started to look into what she can to help others.


Kim’s biggest challenge she faced was trying to translate the soft transformational service to an entrepreneurial marketplace so people can really identify.

Overcoming Challenge:

She used the advice and education from coaches and mentors primarily to help her implement her plan since it’s hard for us as business owners to always see all the parts of our business clearly and objectively.


Kim is super passionate about every person to be able to have their soul’s blueprint for making more money. If we know who we are and how we tick, the better direction we can take to success .


She sees herself spreading the words about her purpose by the touring and creating seminars and online programs around the Soul’s Blueprint.


The best advice Kim has received from her coaches and mentors was to just create one program and to give people exactly what they want. 

Personal Growth:

She has found that being an entrepreneur is the fastest way to grow personal, since it so highly transformational in this role. She has found that she can now is able to give herself permission to do life on her own terms.

Entrepreneurs Resource:

Blogs, Books & Podcasts:

Looking Back:

Kim would tell herself to stop looking outside of herself for success models, dig deep within yourself, find something to sell while your message is coming in since the process takes time and find and hire great mentors and coaches to help you form your message and keep you accountable.

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Learn more about Kim Page at Moving Beyond Limits and follow her on twitter @kpagesw

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