Episode 107: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Laurice Duffy

Laurice Duffy is a Life Coach with a passion for inspiring and empowering women. She focuses her intuitive skills on women who feel empty, stuck, or unfulfilled to help them reclaim their power and find excitement in their life. Through a personal journey following the death of her husband and the father of their four teenage boys, Laurice has learned firsthand the importance of living in the moment and creating an ideal life. She believes all women can live a beautiful life simply by choosing to do so. 

Laurice is also a certified Passion workshop facilitator and has conducted several Vision Board and Self- Love workshops. Her Facebook group RISE, a group where women support and inspire each other, has more than 2000 members. Through this group, she hosts a weekly series “Aligned and Awakened” where she interviews women who have used personal adversity to find their power and lead a purposeful life through the power of choice. She also spreads inspiration through her Instagram, A Mindful Journey. Laurice is active on the Grown and Flown Facebook community, where she often blogs about the experience of raising boys and finding purpose in solitude.

Laurice has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and was always the person who friends and family sought for advice. She was consumed by starting a quick family after marriage with triplets! Then a fourth child. Her small home business wasn’t fulfilling and she ignored the nudge to coach for a while. Then her husband was diagnosed with ALS and she quickly realized that life can be short and pushed by pain or pleasure. At this time she discovered life coaching and pursued it. “You need to go after what it is that fills your heart, what it is that really gives you that sense of living.” Coaching now brings her much fulfillment, inspiration and a whole lot of joy.

After Laurice’s husband passed away, she gathered her children and took time to grieve. Although she had the tools to be a good coach, she didn’t have the tools to make coaching a great business. A friend gave her the honest truth, that she was dancing around making coaching a big business and she was treating her business like a hobby. She was fired up and ready for 2020 to be her big year, and then COVID hit.

Overcoming Challenges:
Laurice trusted her vision and continued on the path she knew was right for her, tossing aside fears that people wouldn’t want to spend money in the chaos of the pandemic. That trust paid off. 2020 was her best year, with a $20,000 sales month. Her determination and commitment helped her move through the challenges. She was very clear and intentional with her vision and this helped. To work through your limiting beliefs really recognize the stories you tell yourself and ask yourself, how true is this? Have the conversation with yourself and really identify, is this just a story I’m telling myself? Ask, are these stories supporting the life that I’m trying to create? What thoughts do I need to have that support the life I’m trying to create? That shifts your thinking.

Laurice loves seeing her clients and their growth, observing their ahas and shifts. She is super passionate about speaking and knows she has a message to share with 1000s of people. Her message is one of hope and reclaiming your power.

Her vision is to become a well known speaker and to write a book so her inspired messages are shared widely.

Her best advice was learned through the experience of her husband’s terminal illness and passing. Throughout a struggle to find a diagnosis, they tried hard to control his undiagnosed illness and symptoms by treating it with anything and everything. She asked the question: “Are we searching for answers or are we running from the truth? When he was diagnosed with ALS, she knew she had to accept what was and stop fighting for control. Her advice to others: Our circumstances don’t create our destiny, our choices do. And control what you can control. Your power is within yourself. For Laurice, her power was being who she needed to be for her dying husband and her children.


Tools, Podcasts & Books:

  • The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life by Edith Eva Eger
  • The Choice: Embrace teh Possible by Edith Eva Eger

Looking Back:
Laurice would tell her younger self: Answers lie within. When we get real quiet and connect with ourselves and listen to the voice, we hear the whisper of our higher consciousness, our inner mentor. The answers are all there. First, trust that they’re there.

Interview Links:
Get free content and find out more about Laurice Duffy by going to https://www.amindfuljourneyld.com/


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