Episode 102: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Lisa Carpenter

Lisa Carpenter is the secret weapon for driven, ambitious, achievers who want to live, lead, and perform at their highest level. They think they should have it all figured out but know something is holding them back from having the life, business or body they desire. She helps her clients free themselves from judgment, move through their bullshit, and shift their perspectives so they can feel more peace, ease, joy, success and fulfillment. Her Full Frontal Living™ message encourages her clients to stop trying to DO their way to success and empowers them to stay present to what they’re feeling and how they’re showing up in all areas of their life.

Lisa began her career in health and fitness as a personal trainer, and moved into nutrition before life coaching. When her husband went off to rehab, it was a wake up call as she realized she was part of the problem and had her own addiction. She was addicted to being busy and being a high achiever and her ways of numbing looked different than her husband’s did. She realized that struggles were a symptom of deeper underlying issues including self worth and self esteem. So her work led her in the direction of diving deep with her clients, men and women, to help them truly understand what it means to love what they do, but love themselves more.

When Lisa moved her nutrition business online and closed down her fitness studio, she built out an entire program and no matter how many times she launched, it never took off the way she wanted it to. Through tears and tantrums, Lisa was caught in the online marketing space and how things were supposed to be. Overcoming this challenge took realizing that she was still attached to achievement as a badge of honor. She had to redefine what it looks like to not be attached to any outcomes. “Nobody knows the blueprint for you.” Lisa stayed open and curious as she burned her business down and started from scratch. She decided to build a boutique one-to-one style coaching business. “Energy aligned with actions creates magic and momentum.”

It was mind blowing for Lisa to have a successful year (in a pandemic!) and achieve an audacious business goal she had. She decided to show up, “chop wood, carry water” and she released her attachment to her goal to see what happens. She discovered that making decisions from that place (as if she’d already accomplished her goal), was a very powerful way for her to work. Lisa’s current vision includes stopping one of her group programs that doesn’t feel aligned anymore and focusing on small intimate groups. Intimacy is one of her core values. She’s enjoying and loving the journey. “Business is just business and it keeps rolling”, so it’s time to stop and celebrate. “When you surrender, show up and do the work, the universe takes you in directions that you couldn’t even imagine. Letting go of a bigger vision is powerful in creating what it is you want for yourself, because you might not even know what’s available.”

The best advice Lisa received was “Who do I need to be to make this happen?” Working from point B (the desired outcome), shifted a lot of things for Lisa. Working from point B is about the emotional state that she would be in and how she’d feel if she was already there. Imagining that future place, she asks, “How would I be treating myself? How would I be taking care of myself?” and these questions have really served her. As an empath, Lisa believes emotions are a superpower, but there’s a difference between feeling your feelings and letting them rule your life. She manages this by making commitments to herself: “Make a commitment to what you want for yourself so much bigger than the emotions and you can do it.”

Tools, Podcasts & Books:

  • Always working with a coach! 
  • Managing energy with proper sleep and boundaries without overworking
  • Active Campaign (for email) – but none of that marketing stuff matters 😉

Looking Back:
Looking back Lisa would tell her younger self:

  • Stop judging yourself, you’re doing a great job and it doesn’t need to be perfect.
  • Who you are is enough and you don’t have to try harder to be accepted. Just be you.
  • Understand that your magic is who you are.

Interview Links:

Find out more about Lisa Carpenter by visiting www.lisacarpenter.ca


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