Episode 105: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Lisa Cordoff

Lisa Corduff helps women upgrade their mindset, get unstuck, and change the stuff that’s not working in their life. A solo mum of 3, she’s all about skipping straight to the hacks and techniques that actually work, while avoiding the perfectionism and overwhelm that can so easily keep us trapped.

Lisa’s business started as a whole foods blog when her kids were little. She knew she needed a way to earn money from it or else return to work when her youngest turned one. So she created an 8 week course called Small Steps to Whole Foods and the first time it launched, it made $35,000. Lisa cried and realized this was it! From that point onwards, her business followed her life journey and was about lifestyle and simplicity. Since, she’s discovered a missing piece in changing or patterns around food, and that is the subconscious choices ruling our days. She’s now teaching tools and strategies to go to the root of our subconscious and change all aspects of our lives. Lisa knew from having young kids and a new business that she couldn’t do it all herself, so early on she outsourced and brought clever people into her business, who knew more than she did and could do things in a fraction of the time. After 18 months, the business made 250K!

A big obstacle was not allowing herself the compassion and grace to move forward after reaching a level of capacity. She was reaching limits that she constructed. Her husband got sick and stopped working in 2017, so Lisa get her foot on the gas to keep the business going while her kids transitioned to school and daycare, plus having to move. She ended up with shingles and realized she was giving to everyone and felt out of control, developed a sort of victim mentality that everything was all on her. She had to take responsibility for herself and her health. She separated from her husband in early 2019 and he died in September 2019. She kept the business going while moving her children through the grief.

Overcoming Challenges:
Lisa had to overcome the story that to be successful in business, means it has to feel hard or you have to ruin yourself for it. It was time to ask the big questions:

  • How am I contributing to this?
  • What am I not seeing?
  • How can the business be a vehicle of support?
  • If I’m worthy and feeling abundant, what different decisions would I be making?
  • What is my current story about business?
  • What is keeping you playing a smaller game and making it hard?

Lisa wants to create space to write a book and as an extroverted entrepreneur, she looks forward to being in rooms with people, and speaking.

The 5 year outlook feels redundant now and is replaced by thinking six or 12 months out. She’s exploring how business and life will be as Australia opens up. She had a retreat planned (to teach women about online business)that got shut down due to lock down, so it opened an opportunity to pivot and start writing the book. Beyond the book, it’s nice not have a plan.

It’s not about the slug, that will never get you where you want to go. It is actually about how good you feel. We tend to cap ourselves and think we’re lucky and we should be grateful, but there is no limit to how good you can feel.

Patti uses these two mantras in her mastermind: “How good can you stand it?” and “How easy can it be?” 

Tools, Podcasts & Books:

Looking Back:
Lisa would tell her younger self that it’s going to get bumpy, but you have what you need to get through. And failure doesn’t exist. Everything is the result you want or the lessons you need. Be available for the lessons and you’ll have an easier path.

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Find out more about Lisa Corduff by visiting www.lisacorduff.com



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