Liz Brazier is a productivity and accountability guru whose mission is centered on working with entrepreneurs. Her motto is “it’s finally time to figure out how to get the right shit done!” She brings her message and tools to the world through her company, Live Your Life Now. Liz, a native of New Zealand, has spent over 13 years in corporate America, and over 23 years cumulatively in the corporate world. After 23 years, Liz decided that it was finally time to leave that world and create one of her own, where she can have the freedom to “live her life now!”


As a native of New Zealand, Liz’s family, namely her parents still live there. During a recent trip back home, she realized how lucky she is to still have them in her life, and she wanted the freedom to be able to be there and travel, but still come back to her new home in the US. After being empowered by reading Danielle LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions, and this realization from her trip, Liz knew she had to make a change.


After quitting her corporate job, Liz had to figure out what  her message was, what unique qualities that she could brand. Another challenge was one that Liz feels effects so many people, is how to stop listening to that negative voice in your head that tells you “you can’t”.

She quickly determined that using what made her so successful in her career is what so many people need help with: accountability and productivity. Though joining a mastermind group with like-minded people, she found the tools she needed to calm the negative voice and create her brand. 


Liz’s passion is to work one on one with her clients providing accountability coaching and 60-day productivity “rebooting”. Using these tools, her goal is to launch a 2nd podcast called “Get The Right Shit Done”, and for the next two years to be filled with speaking, workshops and her ultimate – live events. She would like to be known as THE Accountability Coach for Entrepreneurs to help everyone live their lives now!  


“Be yourself, everyone else is taken” by Oscar Wilde truly sums up how Liz feels about her journey from faking her contempt with the corporate world where she felt like she was trying to be someone else. Once she decided it was time to stop and no longer worry about being someone else, she realized her true self, becoming much happier in the process.

None of us know what we are doing. Well we do to a point, but all of us have fears, doubts, challenges and uncertainties that compel us to compare ourselves to others, making us inadequate. In reality, we are all just trying to figure it out and we are all dealing with these same things! You just have to keep moving forward.

It is incredibly important to not close your mind and discount the knowledge and experience you already have from your previous experiences, whether it is from the corporate world or otherwise. Apply the skills and knowledge you have already learned in your business.

Everyone, especially entrepreneurs, underestimate the time that they have, they think that they have more time than they actually do. There are 168 hours in a week, when you take out working and sleeping you have just over 60 hours to get things done. Manage your time wisely.

Entrepreneurs Resource:
  • Focus@Will is a tool that plays music tied to neuroscience. It is designed to keep the limbic part of your brain focused. It keeps you in the moment and more productive!
  • helps you to clean out your inbox and either unsubscribe or roll emails into a weekly update.
  • Lastpass stores all of your logins and reduces your password frustration. 
  • Asana is an extremely helpful project management tool that help you stay productive and on task. 
  • Zapier helps you to integrate just about everything online at will so that you can customize your productivity. 
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Looking Back: 

If Liz could go back and change anything about her journey, she would start now!! Stop pretending to be something that she is not, and being happy when she is not. Life is just too short.

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