Episode 107: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Maddie Peschong

Maddie Peschong is a brand photographer and strategist who believes in showing up and being yourself is the best way to build an irresistible brand. She helps passionate women build personal brands to magnetically attract soul-sister clients. Maddie is the host of the Take It Personally Podcast and owner of White Space Studios, a natural light studio space for creatives to design, dream, build, host, and collaborate. She spends too much time on Instagram, sharing personal branding and Instagram tips with her Internet friends. Maddie lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with her husband, Jeff, their children Simon and Veda, and soon a third baby due in July.

She took photography as her side hustle for nine years, and finally decided to quit her day job to focus on her branding and commercial photography business full time and be able to build her brand. Maddie believes that showing up is the best way to build an irresistible brand.

Her greatest challenge is juggling her schedule from being a mom and taking care of her photography business and podcast channel.

Overcoming Challenges:
Despite all these, she manages to strategize her days in a week by dedicating a day to edit photos, a day for her podcast, and certain times she takes talking to her client.

She is passionate about helping others reach their greatest potential in photography and other creatives by bringing community members to collaborate with her and have a feel of her White Space Studio and be able to nurture their craft. 

Maddie has created a group coaching program that started with the local women and is excited for the group to expand. She aims to bring like-minded women together and get them to understand that their special knowledge is meant to be shared.

Her greatest advice is believing that there is a space for everybody, even somebody already exists doing, and have succeeded with the things you love to do believe that stuff hits differently depending on who is saying it and how they are saying it. She believes that everyone has a mission to share their ideas, talents, and be able to create an impact.

Personal Growth:
As for her personal growth, she thinks that her greatest achievement is to have the feeling of being at peace on everything either with her business, passion, and being a wife and a mother. 

Tools, Podcasts & Books:

Looking Back:
Looking back, she should tell her younger self to not to spend too much and care way too much about other people’s thoughts, and listen to her intuition and believe that it’s there for a reason.

Interview Links:
Get free content and find out more about Maddie Peschong by going to https://www.maddiepeschong.com/


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