Marie Grace Berg, honed her skills at Joint Venture launches after doing her first JV launch and failing horribly. She did it again and succeeded beyond her imagination.

What she loves about Joint Venture launches is the fact that you can do it over and over again in a very short time. Because in the end, we all just want to work a few months of the year, and spend the rest of the time however we want it, wherever we want, with whomever we want.

Now she helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs grow their business and expand their influence through Joint Ventures. Her clients rave about how adding Joint Ventures in their mix has skyrocketed their lists, connections, influence and bottom line.

Shes a 20-year veteran nurse who has traveled all 7 continents, including Antartica, and now lives in two countries – Norway and San Francisco, California, USA. To learn more, visit


Marie was inspired to start her business out of necessity to be mobile and her desire to create a certain lifestyle that she wanted.


Marie had many challenges along the way. One of them was shifting her mindset from an employee mindset to and entrepreneur mindset. There were also many limiting beliefs that also were some of her major obstacles.

Overcoming Challenges:

Utilizing lots of personal development resources, such as listening to others who are successful though their audios programs, classes, workshops, podcasts and books was a way to overcome those challenges and work on evolving her mindset to an entrepreneur mindset.


Marie is super passionate about podcasting and using her podcast as a platform to talk about joint ventures and collaboration and spread her message to the masses. It helps strengthen the relationship to help and serve businesses by collaborating together.


Her vision over the next few years is to impact many people by reaching out and educating and helping them understand and embrace that collaboration, especially joint venture launches is a great way to build business not just for ourselves, but the great world too.


The best advice Marie has received over the course of her personal and business growth is that things will never be perfect and you need to get things started in whatever you are creating and just put it out there.

Personal Growth:

Marie has learned skills that she would never thought she would be able to learn. In general, her perspective on life and business has changed dramatically due to her personal growth as a person and a business owner.

Entrepreneurs Resource:
Blogs, Books & Podcasts:
Looking Back:

Marie would tell her younger self to begin sooner – get started right away and don’t wait for the perfect moment.

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