Mike grew tired of working for other people and not expressing his own ideas and talent, while making other people rich. He decided to create a life that allowed he and Robin to share their marketing 


After leaving their corporate job on a journey for freedom, they found themselves trapped in another job, one they had created for themselves, as they provided one-to-one done for you marketing services. This experience taught them the value of online marketing as they created leverage using a one-to-many model in their business.  


The Pisciotta’s are passionate about the life they have created and the opportunity to now mentor others to do the same.


Dan Kennedy – “No matter what you do for business you wont be successful until you put your marketing first.”

Entrepreneurs Resource:

Time Trade


Evergreen Business Systems

Blogs, Books & Podcasts:

Fascinate – Sally Hogshead

Dan Kennedy Biography – My Unfinshised Business 

Looking Back:

Take action, don’t worry about learning until you think you know everything to get started. Youll never know everything. Take action! That’s where you really learn what’s going to improve yourself and your business! 

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