My First Talk On Stage

Eleven years ago I gave my first stage talk, with an offer for my 1-1 coaching.

It took me 2 months to create that talk.

I wanted to share the truth about growing a business as a single parent, about the challenges of being an entrepreneur and how I overcame them.

I wanted to give hope and inspiration to my audience, AND I wanted to light a fire under them that would burn so hot, they would never return to their fear of being judged or listen to the inner voice of self criticism saying they were not good enough.

I wanted to stand as an example of possibility while simultaneously teaching what worked.

I was scared. I cried the first few times I delivered that talk. I shook on stage.

Yet in my vulnerability and desire to make a real difference, to remind people that THEY are their #1 asset, something incredible happened.

My 1-1 coaching spots filled up. Then my groups filled.

People saw a part of themselves in me and they invested in their growth.

That ONE talk brought in over $350,000 in the next 12 months.

People started asking me why. What was it that I was doing that had such an impact?

I was taking a stand for something I had gone through. I was cracking the ceiling on what single Mom’s could do with belief and courage.
It doesn’t matter if there are 4 people in the room or 1000.

It makes no difference if you are speaking live or on a livestream.

What matters is your ability to CONNECT with people, ENGAGE them in a real, meaningful experience and make an OFFER to help them get to where they want to be.

It matters that you care more about them than how you look, or if you cry, or if your slides, and your hair and your lipstick are perfect.

People don’t want perfect. They want real.
If you dance with fear and commit to making a difference, it will change you… and your clients lives forever.

I’m so grateful for that girl who courageously decided to speak.

I’m so grateful for that girl who did it scared.
The choices you make today have an important impact on your future.

If speaking is something you want to master and use to get clients I can definitely help.

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Marketing Strategist for purpose driven entrepreneurs.

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