Veronika (Ronnie) Noize, known professionally as The Marketing Coach, is the author of three books: How to Create a Killer Elevator Speech, The 30-Minute Networking Secret Toolkit, and Marketing Strategies that Really Work, from Insight publications. ?She has been ranked as the #1 marketing coach world-wide by Google since 2006 and is rated in the top 4% of social media influencers in the English language by Klout.


Ronnie found her inspiration for doing what she does now when she was let go of her job in the corporate world due to her “views and opinions” but found the world of entrepreneurship accepted her abilities and strengths as assets to grow a business.


She found that the lack of mentoring (especially female mentors) and dis-information about business was a major struggle or challenge for her going into business for herself.

Overcoming Challenge:

Ronnie forced herself to network to build her connections for her business. To her, it wasn’t how much she knows, but who she knows and who knows you. She actively pursued her connections looking for mentors to help her through her process.


She learned while becoming an entrepreneur on her own that you can get what you want if you’re willing to do what it takes, and the best thing to do is help yourself.


She saw that many people (especially women) had the drive and desire to have a business, so she is now 100% committed to helping women create profitable businesses through understanding and application of the right marketing strategies.


Ronnie’s current vision is to grow her DIY Marketing Center in order to help 25,000 women entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses


One of her coaches told her to “be worth the amount that you want to pay yourself.”

Personal Growth:

Ronnie believes she is a better person now for realizing that everything she has taken for granted is many time, really difficult for many people.

Entrepreneurs Resource:

She says that she cannot live without the following tools: a good CRM (All Clients), a good scheduler (Mind Body Online) and of course, Google.

Blogs, Books & Podcasts:

She reads about 2 business books a week, so she heads to the local library to read them. She also loves books by Dan Kennedy.

Looking Back:

Ronnie tells us that we should be prepared and ready when opportunities arise! 

Interview Links:

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