Exercise inspired Simon to not only get into shape himself, but to help other people get into shape and ultimately help other trainers get their businesses into shape.


Learning how to move through resistance when opportunities come up. 


Helping others through authentic posts and be real through his podcast TheFitPreneurs Podcast while having fun, sharing his personality and inspiring others to do the same.


Step outside of your comfort zone. Which Simon modeled when he jumping out of a plane because I didn’t want to jump. However I received the advice, fear and excitement are the same emotion you just have to look at it differently.

Entrepreneurs Resource:

Cannon Rebel T2i
Sennheiser Lapel Mic

Blogs, Books & Podcasts:

Words That Sell
Do The Work
The Big Leap

Looking Back:

I would tell my younger self, It doesn’t matter what people say, i’s not about you, it’s about them.

Interview Links:


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