Most people don’t even know they are a world changer. They can change lives and never know it. Stephanie Calahan thinks is a blessing to work with these individuals who make a big difference, and has made it her goal to help others make an impact as well. 


After years of working as a consultant with fortune 100 and 50 companies, she often thought she would retire working for someone else. In 2001, due to major shifts in the environment of the company she was working for she realized it was negatively affecting her health, and soon the negatives outweighed the positives and something had to change.


Stephanie felt she is her own biggest obstacle. She feels that she was a hard-worker and a fast learner. She calls her self a work-addict. Even knowing this while she built her business, she went out and volunteered and took on more than she could handle. Looking around she realized she had nothing to show, but plaques and awards on the wall. Finally, admitting to herself that there was a problem and that her illness was self inflicted. She found help, and was able to redefine and redesign her entire life.


SUMMER! Stephanie loves going outside and enjoying the world. She is most passionate about helping people get past their own obstacles.


Be true to yourself! Everybody says they know their truth and they know what they need to do, but somehow there is something in the back of their mind that tells them that it wouldn’t ever work that way. It is COMPLETELY possible to build a business that is successful just by listening to yourself.

Blogs, Books & Podcasts:

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Content Warfare Podcast with Ryan Hanley

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Breakthrough Business Strategies with Michelle Price

Looking Back:

Don’t be afraid of failure. It’s just a part of life. Have more hutzpa!

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