Episode 103: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Tera Maxwell

Dr. Tera Maxwell helps the impact-driven entrepreneur create freedom in life and business. She is the founder of the Affluence Codes™, the QuantumX Method™, and trainer of Affluence Coaches. The key to accelerated results, she believes, is soul alignment. Her scholarly work on intergenerational memories, particularly for children of immigrants, led her to develop her expertise in releasing ancestral patterns. Tera works with CEO’S around the globe and leads events & retreats in Costa Rica, where she lives a life of freedom with her 3 children in Costa Rica. Much of what she has embodied about surfing the flow in life & business comes from her daily practice of surfing in the ocean every day.

Tera was on a tenure track to be a professor, but experienced writer’s block. After getting a rejection letter, she felt relief. She realized she wanted to be a professor was to get her Dad’s approval. She was introduced to energy work and realized it was what she really wanted to do. She attended a webinar with a business coach, who she then worked with to lay out a business plan. Tera built a six figure business in six months. She didn’t have any resistance to doing what she needed to do. It was much easier than the scholarly work to which she was accustomed.

Tera’s husband was a corporate executive and they had moved five times in seven years. They had an affluent lifestyle but had a lightbulb moment of asking whose dream were they living. They had the big house, the luxury SUV, but it wasn’t the dream that she envisioned. They decided to move to Costa Rica and the biggest challenge was a shift in roles for the first few years as energetically the responsibility of making a living as an entrepreneur was now on her. Another challenge Tera experienced was a fear of leaving the tribe. She came from a very conservative family of five generations of Mormons. In the midst of her biggest sales month, she experienced a visit to California and a rift in her family that required a lot of unpacking of her childhood. As she stepped into being an entrepreneur she had to overcome the fear of playing big and some relationships fell away and had to change. Tera experienced profound spiritual experiences and learned to let go of the traditions of her childhood She was raised with righteousness and had to let go of the need to be right. Today, she’d rather be happy than to be right. She also learned how to let go of her attachment to outcomes and goals and to be present.

Tera is on a mission to work with entrepreneurs, because she believes that entrepreneurs can change the planet as they drop into their hearts. She recently launched a program for leaders called Infinitude, a soul alliance for leaders to hold a vision of divine service, impact and stewardship. She also hosts a plant medicine retreat in Costa Rica for entrepreneurs to connect to their souls.

Tera has activations and affluence codes that she wants to share with those in the world who are ready to receive them She wants to help free people from the bondage code that keeps people hustling, that keeps them in the 3D matrix of reality.

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Looking Back:
Tera would tell her younger self (the part of herself that was suicidal in her early 20s) – You’re so loved, just get through this time and everything is going to be okay.

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Find out more about Tera Maxwell by visiting www.teramaxwell.com


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