Known as The Business Healer, Therese Skelly blends her psychotherapy background and business strategy expertise to zero in on and clear money, mindset and marketing blocks. Therese is recognized for her mama-bear loving + kick-butt style.

She helps heart-centered, service-based entrepreneurs make more money by being fully expressed in a business they love. As a result, her clients grow businesses that truly reflect who they are rather than a pre-packaged version. You can get a taste of Therese by signing up for her video series, “Eliminating Money Blocks”, at


While working in a therapy practice, she saw that she could do business on her own; her way and better than the people she worked for. Working for someone else wasn’t working well with her, so she became a business owner herself.


Trying to infuse her work with what she really does was one of Therese’s obstacles. It took her many years to own up to who she was and to be able to tell people what she did. Therese was also challenged by money, both managing it and having a proper relationship with it.


She is very passionate about incorporating her therapy background and coaching as a business healer which is helping her client’s business by “healing” them personally.


Therese sees herself getting more involved in the business world. She wants to do more live events, business retreats along the beach in some wonderful destinations, and speaking as she spreads her message to the masses.


She received many pieces of great advice, but there are a few that stuck out to her. Early on, she tried to do too much and someone told her she just needed to get help in he business, since she was spending so much time in her business itself. She also was told that she needed to fill herself up with love or needs to take care of herself, was so important.

Personal Growth:

Therese feels like a different person now, since signing up to be a coach, getting a divorce and living her life to the fullest. Now she feels like s fearless, kick-butt leader who wants to accept the challenges that lies ahead.

Entrepreneurs Resource:

Basecamp – Project Management Software

She finds using TV or other breaks helps her focus her energy the right way

Blogs, Books & Podcasts:
Looking Back:

She would tell herself that she has it already, there’s no need to prove it; stop apologizing and own your value. 

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