Episode 57: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With TR Garland

Wall Street Journal® Award winner TR Garland knows first-hand that the 3 common challenges all Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, & Service-Based Professionals face are: Being Found, Being Heard, & Being Hired.

After a decade of high-impact, behind-the-scenes roles in 7 and even 8-Figure environments, he’s created a systematic & replicatable process for anyone to follow to help them overcome these common challenges using nothing but their free LinkedIn Profile.

Yes TRs signature 3-Step Success System will instantly help you increase the number, consistency, & quality of Prospects and Prospective Partners you attract.

His Leveraging LinkedIn® program is recognized as the worlds first & only program 100% dedicated to teaching Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, & Service-Based Professionals how to use the worlds largest Social Networking Platform to get more:

Prospects, Partners, Platforms, Publicity, and Positioning.

By Platforms, were talking about Stages, Telesummits, Webinars, Publications, Podcasts, & even Radio/TV Interviews.

And by Positioning, we mean Authority Positioning as a way of differentiating yourself from your competition.

TR is often caught saying, “I refuse to let the BUSINESS side of this business burn good people out…or worse yet, bankrupt them!”. It’s most likely for this compassionate perspective that INC. Magazine printed that he is “…today’s most relevant Relationship Marketing Expert because he’s in touch with how people conduct business today”.

TR was inspired to get into the business first by his teachers in business school, but more importantly, he was motivated by the lack of integrity and professionalism he thought corporate America had, and decided that he couldn’t work of others except for himself.

One of the biggest challenges in developing and growing his business was issues with himself and his health. Since he was working extremely hard in his business, the compounding pressure and stress of running his business produced anxiety disorder which included panic attacks.

Overcoming Challenges:
Being an entrepreneur as well as an analytical person, he discovered a self-help program to aid in his anxiety disorder (from a late night TV infomercial) and began to see results in himself. He found the solution to be about personal mentorship, formulas and frameworks and plugging into proven systems.

TR is super passionate about helping people, especially entrepreneurs, with the challenges of being found, being heard and being specific, which lead to being hired. To overcome these challenges, TR has employed the economical and practical use of the LinkedIn profile.

His vision for the future is to continue teaching people to use their free linked profile to get more prospects, partners, platforms, publicity and positioning.

The best advice TR received was when he was getting back into his business after a short break with his family. A good friend and mentor told him to stake his claim with one specific niche since he was and is the LinkedIn expert for speakers, authors, coaches and service-based professionals. What this meant was he need to be crystal clear on a highly targeted niche. 

Personal Growth:
He found that he was able to grow by loosening up on what others think and have trust in your own value.

Tools, Podcasts & Books:


Looking Back:
TR would tell his younger self to not have the independent attitude of trying to figure things out on his own – he would tell him to go find a mentor or coach.

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