13 Reasons business owners struggle - Patti Keating

1. A belief that you don’t have enough value to contribute.

Assignment: What are your strengths? What are you good at when you start a project? What do you volunteer for? What comes natural? Your value is sometimes so innate you can’t see it. Ask your friends and family what your strengths are.

2. Getting stuck in a story about why you CANT have what you want.

Assignment: Remember to focus on what you DO want!

3. Making future decisions based on current results

Assignment: Get clear about where you are heading with your goals and make decisions based on already reaching them. What decision would a person who has accomplished your goal make?

4. Placing more attention on what you don’t want than what you do want.

Assignment: What you don’t want is always a beautiful reminder about what you do want.

5. Being more concerned about other people’s opinion of you than your own opinion.

Assignment: Embrace the idea that what other people think of you is none of your business. What you perceive their opinions to be is 99% wrong anyway so give it up and be who you really are.

6. Letting distractions intruder on the daily activities that lead to success.

Assignment: Commit to your success with focus and follow through. Make lists and celebrate your achievements!

7. Allowing unconscious childhood patterns to determine your current results.

Assignment: Be grateful for your old patterns and experiences, they served you well and made you who you are today. Now decide what new patterns you would like to bring in and make decisions from those patterns.

8. Interpreting discomfort as a sign to stop, rather than an indication to move forward.

Assignment:  Embrace discomfort as an indication you are about to grow into something bigger. Don’t stop now! Move all the way through and you will get what you want!

9. Surrounding yourself with people who are achieving unsatisfying results.

Assignment: Find a group of like minded people to mastermind with. Look for people who are ahead of you in one or two areas. Ask them how they did it? People love to talk about their success. Tap in to others knowledge and skills.

10. Looking at people who are accomplishing what you want, and feeling resentment.

Assignment: Resentment is a signal that you are under performing. It shows you exactly what you want to do. Use it as a positive indication that you are finding out what you really want!

11. Placing limitations upon your income level.

Assignment: Begin to think in bigger numbers. If you want to break 6 figures how much will you bring in each month. What is the monthly amount required to break 7 figures? Think bigger to be bigger.

12. Undervaluing your services.

Assignment: Write down everything you offer and assign it a dollar value. Be honest what was the total benefit the client received?

13. Avoiding focus on what you really want because deep inside you are afraid to go for it.

Assignment: Remember you can have what you want, you just need to say YES! Practice saying yes to what you want, no to what you don’t want and asking for help in getting your needs met. Soon you will find the confidence to go for it!

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