3 Reasons people don't hire you even when they really need you

1. The coaching industry led you to believe you needed to do things a certain way, following a step by step formula…

You are unique you have your own way of serving. It may have become covered with thoughts and beliefs that you have to do it a certain way. You sense it is not right for you, and you compromise and try to make it work. Your prospective client feels that and says no.

You don’t need to follow the rules. You get to make them. What is right for you, is right for your perfect clients.

2. You haven’t gone deeply into who you are at the core level, which is the place where your real power and gold reside.

Your real value cannot be seen until you fall in love with it and share it with the world. This happens when you dig deep and realize who you really are, then courageously share that vulnerable, amazing, authentic, truth with the world.

3. You design an online image that is created from external mirrors.

Your true image is internal and is asking to be reflected outwardly. Online marketing is a vehicle for you to be seen for who you are, not who you think you are supposed to be or who people want you to be. YOU are your brand.

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