Are you ready to create a quantum leap in your life? The key to leaping is laser focus. Here are 5 steps to help you get what you want!

1) Decide exactly what you want. Form a detailed picture of what you desire. Make it clear and colorful. It must be very specific. You likely already know, so just allow yourself to envision it with all the specifics.

2) Focus entirely on your intention. The work of creating comes from getting into the vibration of the outcome you desire. You must believe with your heart and soul that what you want will come to you. Keep your desire safe from doubt and uncertainty by staying focused on its creation.

3) Feel the feelings you will have once you have what you want. See yourself already having what you want. Let your mind visualize yourself interacting with it. Imagine feeling the excitement and joy of receiving your intention.

4) Get excited and begin celebrating its arrival now! Creation is creation and just like creating human life, the creation occurs well before you physically have it. By deciding and then holding a strong focus, you are allowing the desire to gestate. Just like a new family members’ arrival takes 9 months, your desire will arrive in the perfect time. Celebrate now! You have planted your wishes in the garden of the creative force.

5) Take inspired action. List all the action steps you will take to bring your desire into form, then get busy taking inspired action. What steps really excite you? Keep your results detached from the specific steps you take. It will come to you because you take action, however you do not know where it will come from. Be open to receiving without attachments to your specific action.

Practice these steps. Learn to live in faith and you are on your way to manifesting your dreams. Sound simple? It is! Let me add, simple is not always easy. Learning to focus and live in faith takes commitment and discipline. Once you get it, you will use it forever!