1. Define Ideal – You must have a target. What are the qualities, attributes and characteristics of YOUR ideal clients? If you were in front of 200 people and you introduced yourself (with your powerful, authentic message) and they all raised their hands to work with you, how would you choose? Get crystal clear about who you are looking for.

2. Be Rather Than Do – Decide who you must be, in order to attract those clients you want. Look at what is missing in your actions. Ask yourself powerful questions. “What would someone who has reached the level of success I desire do in this situation?” Then do it! Do not wait to become who you really are!

3. Honor Your Core Values – Understand your five deepest core values. Then make decisions that allow you to live in alignment with them. Life and business will become much easier and you will be highly attractive.

4. Use The CEO Method – When networking and meeting people use my secret success tool, the CEO Method.
Connect – Be curious. Provide tons of space for the other person to share who they are. Let them share themselves with you. If they are ideal move to the next step.
Engage – Engage in powerful questions. Use questions that start with the word “what” for best results. “So Paul, what got you started in business?” Maggie, “What is your favorite part of your business?” Keep it positive and then listen closely.
Offer – Always, always, always have something to invite people to attend! Either a complementary session, a workshop, teleseminar, or mixer. Choose something and always invite people.

Most people do not make an offer then they return to their office wondering what the next step is to follow up. The CEO Method give you the next step.

5. Choose A System and Follow It – The system is the solution. It keeps you on track, accountable and clearly focused. It makes it easy for you. Once you set up your system it works for you so you can focus on your action steps. . So whatever system you use just know you need Point A, Point B, Point C.