5 Tips To Build Your Fan Club

One of the questions my clients ask is how to get people to notice them in the midst of the millions of marketing messages that zips past us everyday. Grabbing someone’s attention requires more than a glitsy website and a catchy message. You must understand EXACTLY who your customers are. You have to feel their pain and offer solutions to them that solve their problems. Check your marketing plans against these 5 tips. Fill in whatever is missing or needs a boost, and create your own raving fan club!

1. Identify the values and characteristics of your perfect customers. What do they hold in high regard? Make a list of everything your customers want, that you provide. Make sure the items on your list are high priority items for them. People invest in what they value. Make sure your target market values what you offer. If not, you may want to switch markets, or fine tune your offerings.

2. Let your IDEAL customers say “yes”! When marketing your services talk about the benefits of what you do. Use emotion and feelings to describe the results people receive. Don’t waste time explaining your services. No one cares about the materials used to make their car when they are off to a family occasion or fun night out on the town. They want the ride to be smooth. Talk about smooth rides rather than belted radials.

3. Give your customers want they want from you. Be who they expect you to be. Show them the side of you that motivates and encourages them to work with you. Be the person they expect to receive the highest quality experiences from. Let them see beyond your marketing and give them a glimpse of your personality.

4. Amplify your strengths to really stand out in the crowd. What are those natural strengths and ability that you take for granted. This is where your gold lies. What your strength’s are is less important than you understanding them and using them to help others! Are you a natural at problem solving? Can you see solutions in unique ways? Maybe you have an eye for talent. Whatever you are great at, plug into it and use it to provide your own unique skills as a service.

5. Do one thing that is big, bold, and beyond what you thought you could do. What would your customers like to see from you, that you would love to grow into, yet have not yet had the courage to say yes to? Go for it. Think big and be big. Everyone loves courage. Talk about it on facebook, twitter and in your ezine! Let the word spread about your latest courageous leap!

Spruce up your marketing with these 5 tips and watch your fan club grow!