7 Choices Successful Entrepreneurs Make - Patti Keating

Have you ever wondered what choices successful entrepreneurs make, that others don’t? After interviewing and studying with some of the worlds top income producers, I have noticed a difference in the way they do business.

It’s more than being purpose driven, it’s beyond being passionate, dedicated, motivated, and focused. There are a few key differences that separate those who create wild success, from those who have mediocre results.

These choices aren’t one time, big decisions. They are simple small steps taken daily and practiced consistently that assure you the success in your business that you want.
I put this list together for you, so you can have a few resources to help you become even more successful!

1. Understand who you are and what your purpose is.

When the going gets tough (as it sometimes does in business) you need the determination and commitment to keep going.

Being invested at the core level will make you unstoppable. Don’ be swayed by what you think you should do, instead remember who you are.

What do you value? What do you stand for? What change do you want to make in the world?

2. Focus on solving one problem in the market (and stay with it even when it seems mundane.)

Have you ever launched a program or filled a workshop and then wondered: what next?

Entrepreneurs are creative, we are starters and love new ideas, so it is easy to overlook the obvious. Build on what you have already created!

Follow one course of action until it is successful. Keep going even when you get tired of it, or don’t feel like it. Keep at it, solve the problem the market ask you to help them solve.

This may feel overly simple, success does not have to be difficult, it does require consistency.

3. Build a strong community.

Create a platform, a fan base full of people who you can serve. Listen to them. Provide value to them. Stand up and rally for them. This will build loyalty, the foundation of a strong business.

Without followers and fans you are left chasing prospects. Knowing who you are what you stand for, and building your platform, as described in step one, pays off when you build a community.

4. Own your personal power (and get over what other people think about you.)

Decide that you are a professional, rather than a hobbyist or an amateur and take a stand for what you believe. Make commitments and follow through no matter what. The root meaning of the word decide is “cut off”. When you make a decision don’t look back, do not second guess yourself.

The steps required to reach your goal become non negotiable. Do what needs to be done, even if you don’t feel like it.

5. Understand that sales is all about service.

Helping someone make a decision to work with you is your duty. In fact if you don’t give your all to close clients, that person will continue to suffer. Care more about getting results for your clients than you do about feeling pushy or worrying about what people think of you.

Sales is NOT about you. It is about getting people the help they are seeking. Stop holding back, start serving.

6. Invest in yourself because you are your number one asset.

Say yes to and mentoring, coaching, training and growing. Constantly look for ways to improve and put your money into your own self development.

If you knew how to get the results you seek you would, right? Shortcut the learning curve and work with someone who has already learned how.

This can be a frightening step because it requires you to own your value. Do it anyway. You are in business because you HAVE value.

7. Take full responsibility for your own results.

No blaming, shaming or justifying. It’s not the VA’s fault, the weather, or the economy. Once you take full responsibility for everything, you have the power to create the massive results you want.

As long as you continue to blame, shame and justify you give your power away and your future depends on other people. Accept it, you are a powerful being!

Practicing these 7 steps can catapult your business!