7 Steps to Leverage - Your Business and Create Revenue Streams - Patti Keating

Business is like a well oiled machine. You need all the parts working together to make it run smoothly. Here are 7 steps to put the pieces together and create a business that makes money.

1. Understand exactly what your talents and strengths are. Define your business. What do you stand for? What do you stand against?

2. Define the problem that your strengths and stand solves for your market. What is your prospects pain? What is their desire?

3. Determine the product or program you will offer to fill the needs of your market. This is the bridge between their pain and their desire.

4. Identify your marketing model and learn how to market to prospects so they seek YOU out. Find ideal clients that you love working with and who love you.

5. Learn to use low cost social media platforms and marketing strategies to attract qualified leads. You must have a strategy that works.

6. Track and tweak.  Understand the mechanics of your business. Track your results, fine tune the strategy, and repeat until you hit the sweet spot.

7. Learn to convert leads to customers. Work to increase your sales conversions. You must understand your prospect, why they buy and why the choose you. And finally, master helping them decide to purchase your products.

BOOM! You have created your leveraged revenue streams.