What is the magic formula to grow your business and create financial freedom?

With so many programs and "one size fits all" business building models, people look for a magic bullet to save their business. There is not one special formula that works for everyone.

Tapping in to your purpose and building your business authentically is the best way to get results. Once you understand your purpose, how can you grow? Here are 7 steps short cut your learning curve.

1. Know Exactly What You Want In Your Business
Be crystal clear about where you are headed this year. How much money do you want to make? How many clients do your want to serve? What packages, services and products will you offer?

2. Have A Specific and Written Plan
Once you decide exactly what you want to create this year, the next step is to write out your plan. Plan out 12 months and then chunk your desired results into quarters. What must be done each quarter to reach your yearly goal? Once you have your quarters defined, break each quarter into weekly chunks. Once a week, sit down and plan out your tasks for the coming week. Put them on your planner grouped with similar tasks.

3. Claim Your Purpose and Build Your Business Around It
Understand exactly what impact you want to make in the world. Know your core values, what you stand for, how you best express your purpose, and build your business on that foundation. It will remain solid during the roughest turbulence.

4. Talk It Up
Get out communities, both local and virtual and talk about what you do. Teach people, share your insights and provide tons of value. Offer workshops, teleseminars, and speaking, to get the word out. Craft a signature speach and offer to talk for chambers, networking groups, associations and conferences.

5. Be Bold
Take a stand for what you believe in. Talk about your mission, your passion, your legacy. Be willing to stir people up and get them thinking about what you are teaching.

6. Ask For Help
You can’t grow your business alone. Get the support you need. Hire a local Mom who wants part time work, call your local college and get an intern, use elance.com or fivver.com to help you with project work. Hire a coach or mentor to short cut the time it takes to learn about business building. When you feel confused or stuck, ask other people what they did. Join forums and communities where other business builder gather and seek both support and to contribute.

7. Design And Refine
Design your life and business to meet your goals. Having a desired result that is tied to your purpose, is a great way to keep you inspired and taking action. Along the way you may change direction a so be open to refining as you go.