Deciding where you are going is the single most important component to designing a successful year. Here are 7 simple steps to help you get clarity on your direction.

1. Know your Vision for your business. Why are you in biz? What is the BIG picture you see for the world that has called you into this line of work?

2. Choose your mission. Now that you see your vision for the world, what is your special piece? What claim will you stake in contributing to your bigger vision?

3. Verbalize your “Why.” Dig deep. WHY are you claiming this stake? WHY is your vision important?

4. Decide on the portion of you mission you will bring into form this year. What piece would you like to create in the next 12 months?

5. Define your “Key Performance Indicators” (KPI’s). How will you measure your progress? At the end of the year how will you know you made progress toward the vision you have for the world and your mission, the part you are contributing? Choose your programs, products, and services. Pick the ones that most strongly connect with your mission.

6. Chunk your KPI’s into quarters. What will you do to accomplish the first quarter of your work? Chunk your quarters into 3 parts. Assign each part a month. Write it in your dayplanner or schedule it in your task manager.

7. Each week choose one forth of your monthly goal to complete. Make time on your calendar to create your goal. Each day take inspired action to move toward your monthly goal.

When you connect your daily actions to your life vision you will be inspired to follow through and your results will have a deeper and more fulfilling effect on your life.