Your prospects want to know that you are a credible expert and will deliver the results you have promised. Make it easy for your prospects to understand what you do by creating your own signature system. Establishing trust and credibility will increase their likelihood of saying yes to your offer. The following steps will take you through the process of identifying and creating your signature system.

1. Make a list of the ways you deliver your services. Do you offer one time sessions? Coaching packages? Workshops? How do you work with people? Choose one way to answer the next question.

2. Write down the specific process you take people through. You may not realize you have a process but chances are, you do. What do you do with your clients?

3. Give each step a benefit rich name. Why is is important for the client to complete each step? Keep your system to between six to ten steps.

4. Name your system. Think about the results you promise your clients. Give the system a name that describes those benefits.

5. Use your system to create programs, packages, talks, workshops and seminars. Write blog posts that explain one part of a step and invite your prospects to learn more about your system.

Having your signature system will increase your prospects confidence in you as a credible expert. It will help you speak about your process.

Your Business Breakthrough Assignment: Complete the five steps outlined and make offers to your prospects. Post your results in our facebook group:

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