When you bring your purpose and passion into alignment with your marketing message, you will resonate with your perfect clients.

This is where everything happens with ease and flow. It's your Money Spot! Find yours with my Money Spot Formula. Follow the steps and watch your business bloom.

To identify your Money Spot we use the acronym RESONATE.

R – Get Real.
Understand what makes you tick. What are your core values? What do you stand for? Identify where your deepest passion can  solve problems for your ideal clients.

E – Provide Extreme Value
Given your strengths, talents and expertise, determine ways to really stand out in the market. What value can you add that is unique?

S – Create Your Signature System.

Identify the process you take clients through. Map it out and chunk it into steps. Brand your system and use it for coaching, group programs, VIP Days and information products. Each step can be a stand alone subject for articles, blogs and talks. Then get out and MAKE your offer.

O – Make Amazing Offers
Identify the offer that you want to make to your prospect.
What problem do you solve? What program will you deliver? What bonuses can you bundle to increase the value?

N – Get ify what Noticed With A Niche
Bring your experience, expertise and passion into your marketing strategy. Who do you MOST love to work with. What niche can you relate to on a deeper level. Make a big splash in that niche.

A – Associate With Influencers
Surround yourself with centers of influence in your industry. Approach them from a place of service and partnership. Get involved.

T – Book Your Talks

Choose one of the steps in your signature system and create a talk. Get yourself booked at lunch and learns, networking groups and associations in your ideal clients industry.

E – Expand Your Reach
Ask for referrals. Create affiliate relationships with other businesses in your market and get in front of more people. The more people you reach the more results you will receive.

Follow these steps to find your Money Spot and you will resonate with IDEAL Clients.