All The Way Through… How To Complete Your Goals

Have you reached the goals you set for yourself in January? With the year quickly coming to a close its time to focus on completion. The latest research in brain function research shows us that your beliefs about the future create your results. With 2010 rapidly coming to a close, how can you wrap up the goals you set and prepare for an incredible year?

1. Get yourself emotionally involved with the future.

Invest some time visioning yourself in the future with your goals complete. See yourself in the house you want, with the full business you dream about or the healthy body you envision. Once you have a picture of yourself in the future, feel the feelings you will experience once this goal has become a reality. How do you feel? What do you think about this new experience? Who is with you? What is happening as a result of your success?

2. Let your future self share your excitement with you.

Write a letter to yourself from this person who created the success. Share your adventure and how good you feel about completing your  goals. Reassure yourself about the attainment of your dreams. Tell yourself all the incredible and unexpected things that have happened as you created your most important goals. Let the excitement flow out of you like a kid who just found out they were going to Disneyland. Have fun describing all the rich happiness you are experiencing.

3. Ask yourself what the very next step is, however small or large, to move you closer to the future you desire.

Write down the first thing that comes into your mind as you ask this question, "what is one thing I can do today to move closer to my goal." Then, take action on that one thing. Small consistent steps over time create massive results.

4. Tell someone else your intention to complete the goal.

Accountability increase your belief in yourself and keep you on track to continue taking action. Share your intentions and get support from a group of encouraging friends, peers or associates. Look for people who believe in themselves to hold you accountable.

5. Surround yourself with people who are creating success in their lives.

You become most like the 5 people you spend time with. Who do you want to become? Find mentors, like minded people and collaborate with them. Put yourself in the environments that you want to being into your life. Being in positive relationships will help pull you toward the future you want. Join groups, attend meetup and get involved in communities of positive action oriented people who are living life by design, rather than default.

These 5 simple steps will help you finish 2010 strong and set yourself up for an incredible 2011!