When offering your services do you talk about yourself, or do you engage in a conversation with your prospect about their needs?

When you are curious about the needs of your prospect you can offer solutions to them that have them experience your services.

When you share your talents, your services will sell themselves.

Here are 4 steps to help you engage with your prospect.

1. Ask A Simple, Yet Compelling Question.

Start out with a question that will identify the prospects needs. "What is the single most important thing thing for you to accomplish in the next 90 days?" You can modify this to your services, such as leadership, business development etc.

2. Listen!

They will tell you exactly what they need. Now is your opportunity to coach them around their desired results. Ask them why this is important. Let them paint a picture of their desire.


Next, ask them what the value is once they reach this goal?


3. Make An Offer.

Once you have identified your prospects needs and understand how you can help them, its time to make an offer. Tell them about your program or service. "So Jane, I see how committed you are to reaching this goal. You will need support and help to get there. This program will help you in get there in 3-6 months. Are you ready to make this happen?

4. Stay with them until they make a decision.

Help your prospect decide whether they will or wont participate in your program or purchase your product. Certainty sells! You must remain confident and certain that this offer will help your prospect. They are looking for your belief that they can get results. This is where many people stop, and it is the moment the prospect most needs you to illustrate your confidence.

"You are the only person on earth who can use your abilities." Zig Ziglar