1. Do What You Love. When you do what you love, you are passionate about your work. Marketing is about service. Serve people with your passion. Align your business with your values.

2. Market From Your Heart. Make it about the prospect. What do they need? If you have a solution for them share it after you have identified their needs. Their needs may not be what you offer. Be willing to refer and get people what they need. It will come back to you.

3. Be Bold. When you are passionate you have a reason to be bold. Speak up. Talk about your passion. Get out and take massive action.

4. Stand Out. Get in front of people and share your passion. Throw a party. Host an event. Support a charity. Make a difference. Do not be shy about being different. You are in business because you are unique. Let the world see you.

5. Believe In Yourself. Roll with the punches. Challenges are part of business, when obstacles arise learn from them and fine tune. Keep your faith and know you will make it.

6. Keep Going. Many people stop just short of success. Keep going, even when things get scary. Consistent action will get you there.

7. Get Support. Surround yourself with people who are creating success. Learn from one another. Help each other. You become most like the 5 people you are around. Who are you becoming?