What is Your Soul Vision? - Soul Purpose, Vision and StrengthsBuilding a business is hard work. And quite frankly I’m tired of two big things I’m hearing in our industry of coaching, events and trainings for entrepreneurs:

1. If you wanted it bad enough you would work harder. I’m calling BS on this my friends. There is a difference between power and force. Using force is exhausting, totally uninspired and uninspiring and it’s the OLD way of doing business. (Yep, the way that creates greed and other problems.) Power is being in complete alignment with your soul purpose, your vision (desire) and your strengths. Where those three things intersect is what I call your Soul Vision.

The other thing that is common in the world of heart-based peeps is this (insert eye roll here):

2. You can meditate your way to make millions. Nope. I actually tried it (along with multiple vision boards, affirmations and lots of books and energy healing.) I love all of those things and still use them actively today. This approach is missing one key ingredient: Inspired Action.

When I added this piece, everything changed. I created six figures in just over a year.

So what is the equation for a Soul-Inspired 6 Figures?

STRATEGIES with  SOUL. You need both in order to make the money you deserve and desire, and to fulfill your mission on the planet. THIS is the new economy we are co-creating! Follow your intuition. Stay open and coachable while you do it so you get to your goals quicker and with your authenticity. Remember your intuition needs to be anchored in a tangible strategy to come to fruition so intuition can’t do it alone.

To Your Brilliant Success,
Angella Johnson

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