You have great services to offer, you are connected and out talking to people, they seem interested but when it’s time to talk money, something shifts. A fear creeps in and the moment becomes awkward; so you avoid making an offer.

Can you relate?

It’s natural to feel uncomfortable when selling our personal services. To feel better and increase your results, you must shift your mindset.

Here are 5 tips to help you overcome your fear of selling.

1. Remember selling is not something you do TO people, it’s something you do FOR people. Providing a solution to a clients problem is a BIG relief for them. Identify the three benefits your clients get when they work with you. Keep your focus on the prospects opportunity for results, not the actual sale.

2. Help your prospect say yes.
People want to feel good about their buying decisions your confidence in what you offer will go a long way in helping your new client say yes. Express your enthusiasm about the results they


Talk about what is beyond the buying decision. Don’t stop and linger at the decision to purchase, rather move toward what happens right after the purchase.

4. Acknowledge the decision they are making. Compassion helps build trust. Be understanding of their decision. Your clients want to know you are confident not only in your services but in their choice to work with you. Share your understanding about the buying process and assure them it is a sound decision.

5. Provide more value than you sell. This will make our clients feel like their decision to hire you exceeded their expectations. They will rave about you to their peers. The easiest sales to close are those that come from referrals. Build a network of raving fans and the clients will be asking to close the sale for you!