With so much to accomplish and the demands of growing and running a business, how can you get it all done? Sometimes it can feel like we are spinning around on a hamster wheel getting no where while working too many hours to get to this endless destination.

When you invest 15 minutes of planning each morning you will increase your productivity through focus and intention. Want to really ramp up your results? Plan your day just before bed and let your unconscious mind get a jump start checking off the items on your to do list.

When you give your mind items to complete, it gets busy looking for ways to bring you what you want. Sitting in quiet contemplation will sooth the nervous energy that comes from our societies tendency toward over stimulation and help your deep desires and the most efficient path form in your conscious mind. If you want to be super productive pull out all the stops and address your projects and intentions by engaging all of your senses.

1. See what you want to create already in existence. Picture the project completed, or picture a symbol that represent the result you are seeking. You can create a physical vision board or hold a picture in your mind.

2. Hear the sounds around you after the project is complete. When launching a TeleSeminar, Workshop or Retreat, I hear the buzz of my participants and the excitement in their voices from what they have learned. What does your environment sound like once your desired result is reality?

3. Smell the aromas that surround your project once it’s complete. What season is it? Do you smell fresh picked raspberries of summer, apple pie of fall, or maybe the lilacs of early spring. Perhaps it is the scent of a conference room after a big event.

4. Taste the experience. What will you be feeding your body? Taste the water you will drink, the celebration champagne, the tea you will sip, or the gum you will chew.

5. Feel the feeling of this projects completion. Where are you, are you seated in a comfy chair? Is someone hugging you? Are you jumping in joy? Maybe you feel relief. Let your heart open up and express the joy that you will experience once the event is complete. Of all the sense feeling the experience of felling in advance is the most powerful.

This simple process will help create the experience in advance and engage your unconscious mind to get busy making it happen. Engage your senses and then craft your action steps. Remember to use your core values as a filter for action. You can read ore about defining your core values in my last post. You will evoke a powerful source to support you in choosing the best course of action. Now it’s time to get busy with the action plan. Ask powerful questions of yourself. Looking to the future for your answers. I ask myself, “What would a joyful, empowering, philanthropic entrepreneur do now?” What is our question based on who you are becoming? You will find that powerful questions based on the future combined with 5 minutes of evoking your senses will increase your clarity and help you choose the most effective steps to take to reach your projects completion. Check out our Conscious Productivity Planner for extra support.