I see so many entrepreneurs who are spending hours trading time for money and not understanding how to break out of the rut and reach more people. When I work with clients I take them through my step-by-step process. It works for everyone! Here is an outline of exactly HOW to go from overworked and underpaid to leveraging YOUR knowledge, reclaiming your time and filling your bank account.

Step 1: Find YOUR Money Spot, Where Passion & Purpose Become Revenue Streams

  • Uncover your values and strengths; see them in a new, profitable way and design your business around them
  • Use your unique vision to become a stand-out brand in the marketplace.
  • Understand that what comes easiest to you is what you need to charge the most for.


Step 2: Map Out Your Signature System To Create Multiple Streams of Revenue For People Who Are Hungry F or Your Expertise

  • Identify and communicate the real value of what you offer
  • Map out exactly how a client works with you—where they begin and end (your “Signature System”)
  • Use compelling langageu to describe the benefit-rich results of your program.


Step 3: Turn Your Signature System Into Packages, Group Programs and VIP Days that Sell

  • Add value to your programs without adding time.
  • Plan out what each of your clients needs (inputs, actions, insights, outcomes) to get the best results from your programs.
  • Create a pricing structure that allows you to reach your financial goals and attract your ideal clients.


Step 4: Rapidly Expand Your Exposure And Bank Account with Power Partners, Centers of Influence, Affiliates and Joint Ventures.

  • Determine where your ideal clients are and design opportunities to increase your access to them with power partners.
  • Develop win-win relationships with the influencers and leaders who speak to your ideal clients every day,
  • Find the best events and places to sponsor, speak and network to establish your expertise in front of your ideal clients.


Step 4: Step Up and Stand Out with Your Unique Marketing Message To Be Seen And Heard As the “Go To” Expert In Your Field

  • The more you take a stand, the more your ideal client will know they want to work with you.
  • Create a consistent system to deliver your message for the most benefit—learn how to create relationships with your audience.
  • Do the inner work necessary to be crystal clear in your message (believe me, your old crap really gets in the way of your success!)


Step 5: Master Closing Skills That Are Natural And Easy So More People Say Yes To Your Offer

  • Know how many conversations you must have to close clients into your programs so you can generate sales for your business.
  • Bridge the gap between what they need and what you offer. Solve their problem.
  • Enjoy empowering sales conversations in which your job is to stay curious and ask great questions (not just sell!) Have fun helping people!