Greatness doesn’t just happen to people. Greatness is achieved. Prior to all achievement, a decision is made.

No decision = No results.

That’s why I created the “Ultimate Life Design and Action Plan”

I was on the plane yesterday returning form an “eye opening” meeting with my Coach and Mastermind Group. The majority of the people in the room make over 6 figures a MONTH. What is it that creates those kind of results? Let me spell it out…. DECISION, STRATEGY, ACTION.

So, I’m on the plane and I pull out my notebook and write down EXACTLY what my life will look like in 24 months. Then I map out EXACTLY what I will do to get there. Next I create my immediate ACTION list.

I followed this EXACT process when I was stretching to cross the 6 figure mark in 2006. It works. Really well.

Here’s the process…

Ask these four questions for each of the areas below.

1. WHO will I be June 26, 2014?

2. HOW will I create it?

3. WHAT will I let go off that holds me back now?

4. WHAT will I add that I have not allowed myself to do before?

In these areas:

Connection – What will my relationships feel like? Who do I want to be in these key connections?

Intimate Partnership

Family (Mom, Daughter, Sister, Ex Wife)



Business Partners

Compensation – How will I be compensated for the value I share, by being this person?

How much money in 2014?

How much money per month?

How much money per week?

How much money per day?

How many days will I work?

What exact services will I provide?

Consciousness – What state of awareness will I live in?

How will I connect with my creator?

What beliefs will I choose?

What faith will I hold for myself? 

What faith will I hold for those I serve?

Fitness – What will my body look and feel like?




Self Care

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