Empowering Language Will Shortcut Your Success - Patti Keating

Your language is one of the most powerful tools you have, right now… to change your results. Changing your language changes your reality. Your words create physiological and psychological responses. Language originates from your thoughts and feelings. Words combined with sound (voice) are energy vibrations that affect the body’s energy centers, and have the inherent capacity to give power (energy) or take power (energy) away. Words convey underlying messages to your energy centers creating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual responses in your body.

Discover the power of language and you will be able to use empowering language to:

Reclaim and retain your personal power

Support others in standing in their power

Release yourself from socially learned victim-hood

Call yourself forth powerfully

You are what you think and speak!

Here are some quick tips to help you distinguish between empowering and disempowering language:

Empowering language is centered, grounded, responsible, powerful, and healthy.

Disempowering language is weak and places responsibility outside of you.

“Language is power, in ways more literal than most people think. When we speak, we exercise the power of language to transform reality.”

Julia Penelope, author of “Speaking Freely

Use empowering language:

Use: choose, desire, want it’s important to me. desire to, am not willing to,  and intend, I am,  yes, no, yes I will or no I won’t, I know or I don’t know

Instead of: should, need to, have to, can’t, sometimes, often, seldom, always, never. must, but, try, yeah, uh-huh nah, nope maybe

  • Example: I’m just a wife with a part time business.
  • Reframe: I manage my family life and business wonderfully.
  • Example: My life is out of control. I don’t have any time for myself.
  • Reframe: I am in control of my life and create time for myself.
  • Example: I am so confused. I don’t even know what I want.
  • Reframe: I am discovering my deepest values and creating a life based on them.

Reframing negative statements into positive statements is a powerful tool to change your outcome and your life.