Manifestation aka Alchemy - Patti KeatingOne of my favorite ways to create what I want is to get into a conversation with my future self.

It goes something like this:

“What is my heart asking for? What is that nudge I feel?”Maybe it’s a trip, or a new outfit, or a certain amount of money. Whatever it is, I start by feeling the feelings of already having it.Everything we desire is about an experience that creates a FEELING.It’s not the trip I want, it’s the feeling I will have when I am traveling and experiencing adventure, beauty, nature and new people.It’s not the new outfit I want, it’s the feeling of looking great, being proud, feeling confident.It’s not the money I desire, it’s the feeling of what I can do with the money. I can hire and support awesome team members, take amazing care of myself, surpise my friends and family with things they want, give to causes that make life better for others.

Here’s how the conversation goes:

If I already have what I want, what would I feel?I get out in FRONT of my goal. Rather than looking at it as not yet here, I see myself having already accomplished it and get in touch with what that feels like.When I first started speaking I was nervous, I thought I would be boring or make mistakes and that the audience would wonder why they ever decided to hear me. Of course this was all just fear and doubt creaping in and taking over my mind. So, I engaged with my future self. I saw myself 10 minutes after the talk was over being flooded with joy! I felt the pure love my heart experiences when I deliver a talk that makes a difference for someone. I felt myself squealing in joy and people all around me thanking me for my work.The fear diasappeared and my talk was a hit.

When you are stretching into a new goal you must expand your capacity to receive that goal. Ask yourself “What would a [INSERT GOAL] me, do now?

Once you let yourself FEEL the feelings of already having your goal, now that you are already living the life as that person, what is your NEXT goal? What does your future self desire next?

Answer these questions:

  1. What do I feel when I allow myself to experience ALREADY having my goal? Write a page in your journal about it.
  2. Now that I have my goal, what is my next DESIRE? Write another page describing the desires of your future self.
  3. Get into the feeling of BEING there now. Write about your day. What actions are you taking? What does your environment look like? What are you wearing? Where do you live? What are your eating.

Write down the details of your day.

Now you just get to FEEL the feelings and take the actions that those feeling present to you. Stretch yourself to go WAY beyond what your original goal is. Then come take immediate action. This is the manifestation process.

What might trip you up? Fear, doubt, worthiness. If you notice that you are having fear, it is attached to a belief. This is a golden opportunity for a leap forward.

Here’s how to turn that fear into fuel. You disect the belief and rearrange it.

Maybe the thought comes up that money is hard to get. That’s an old belief. Turn that belief into a new mantra. “Money is all around me and easy to receive.”

Look around. Focus on the collective wealth surrounding you. How much money is in the store you are at? How much money do the people you are around collectively have? Notice money everywhere. That penny on the ground, the check you haven’t yet cashed, the quarters in your car, the cash in your purse, the rebate you receive in the mail. Celebrate money every time you see it.

What we focus on we create, so say your new mantra over and over,

“Money is all around me and easy to receive.”

“You have to work hard for money”, becomes, “money comes to me easily when I do what I love!””There’s never enough money”, becomes “there is always more than enough money.””It’s no longer safe to travel”, becomes “I am always safe.””I shouldn’t buy a new outfit for myself”, becomes “I deserve whatever I want.”

Don’t let your fears stop you, break them down, reconstruct them, write out your new belief statements, say them over and over again, prove them to yourself by looking for them your will begin manifesting what you want!