Forget about getting clients - Patti Keating

You told me you want to find more clients and make more money. And, I have a solution for you.

For now forget about getting clients … just let it go. It’s something I’ll show you later. First, you need an offer that draws people to you before you even think about finding more clients. Something unique.





So, let’s take it from the start. Right now you need to decide what you stand for, what you want to be know for, and choose the specific group of people you want to help.

And then within that group of people, find your niche. And then within that niche, find a very narrow group. A group of people with a very specific problem. An irritation that won’t go away.

A group of people that are in pain, actively seeking YOUR SOLUTION.

Listen to the training I did here:
How To Attract Ideal Clients

In a few days I’ll give you a few tips to get in front of them.
Finding a group of people whose problem you solve results in clients.

But for now now, do this first step on your own.
[To be continued…]

BTW…. Ever heard of the “Fraud Factor”?
There is about a 100% chance that you are suffering from it right now if you are an entrepreneur. Absolutely no doubt about that. It’s the thing that separates those who stick it out and make it from those who turn back and quit. (You’re not a quitter so you are definitely experiencing it.) I’ll tell you about this another time. It’ll be a real “whaaaat!” moment you… for sure. It took me a long time to get this. I’m still recovering myself. (Thankfully)