One of the quickest ways to get new clients into your practice  is to become very attractive to your prospective clients.

How do you become attractive?

One of Thomas Leonard’s Attraction Principle is to “Unhook Yourself From The Future.” Be present with your prospect and detach from the outcome. Make your conversations all about what your prospect wants. From your initial introduction at a networking event, online, or person to person, your language must be completely focused on the prospect and the specific and tangible solutions you offer to solve their problems. Meet them where they are and offer them solutions.

This requires sharp listening skills. Tune into the message behind their words. Listen for clues that identify the deeper problem they are experiencing. Ask probing questions about what you hear. Stay curious and solution focused, ask them what the solution is from their perspective. This type of communication will help build a collaborative, solution focused relationship and your soon to be client will want to have more time with you.

Write out exactly what you do for your IDEAL clients and reinforce your message in all of your conversations. The consistency of your message will sink in over time, and you will have clients hoping you will say yes to working with them!