Have you ever felt uncomfortable sharing information about your business with a potential client? Are you afraid that you’ll come across as “pushy” and they will think you are a snake oil salesman? (Well, maybe not snake oil, but certainly selfish and pushy).

I’d like to share a tool I call the Service Conversation. This tool will explode your sales results and make it easy to get new clients. The idea of this tool is simple; giving someone value is much easier than selling them. Your programs and products must be explained, but giving value creates change for your prospect. Giving value shows off your skills and helps your prospect sell them self. Identify your greatest value and give it away in your Service Conversations.Think of it as a “no strings attached” gift.

Here is how:

  • Ask a powerful question.Powerful questions are open ended. The most effective question begins with the word “what.” i.e. “What is the most important thing for you to accomplish in your business in the next 90 days?”
  • Listen to the answer. Make a mental note of the outcome the person wants.
  • Coach them about how they can get there. Use your expertise.
  • Tell them what the next step is and listen to their response.
    i.e “Here is what I see as your next step, you will need a marketing strategy and a powerful brand.”
  • If they agree, share your programthat will get them the results they want. If they disagree return to step 3 and coach them.
  • If they say yes, schedule their first appointment,create their client record and ask for their credit card number.
  • If they say no, listen to their objection and return to step 3 to coach them on the objection.

When your potential client has decided to work with you, you simply schedule her first appointment with the words, I have time Tuesday at 2:00 or Thursday at 10:00 which time works best for you?”  That’s it. Book their appointment.

Give the Service Conversation in your next sales conversation. I think you’ll find that it’s an easy, fun way to share your business and your will improve your sales results.
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