Have you ever wondered why some people, seem to have the magic touch? They create success with ease and grace, yet they aren't really even that great at what they do, while others, talented and skilled, sometimes even more skilled, remain trapped in a state of mediocrity? What do these top 3% income earners know that the other 97% don't understand? It is an intriguing question, and one I invested 4 solid years exploring deeply. What did I discover?


They have mastered their ability to grow into the person they must BE, in order to HAVE the business they want.

In order to HAVE, you must BE more. Write that down.

Your business will grow in direct proportion to your own personal growth. This is the process I use with my clients.

1. Become deeply aware of who you are and what makes you tick. Understand your core values, personality style, and life purpose. Create your own personal mission statement, outlining exactly what you stand for in the world. Learn to be the observer of your own patterns.

2. Design your business and life in alignment with your personal mission. Take a stand for something, and create your programs, packages and services in alignment with the effect you want to have in the world. Identify those ideal clients who will benefit most from your offerings and then get out there and find them.

3. Fill the gap between who you are and the money you want to make. Because lets face it, if you could make the money you want right now, you would? The only reason you are not, is simply because YOU need to grow. Identify the gap and learn how to become that person, now. This is where your mindset really kicks in. Who are you becoming? What would THAT person do in this current situation. In that instant, you will find yourself staring at the critical decision, the leap of faith, the defining moment.

The solution. You must BE that person, NOW!

Follow these three steps to grow you and your business will follow.

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