Magnetism is created by two equal and opposite poles coming together to create a powerful force field. When you embrace both your strengths and weaknesses while accepting those of others, you become more magnetic.

When you are transparent, share your vulnerabilities and focus on your strengths you become very magnetic.

Here are 4 tips to help you increase your magnetism!

1. Be present right now. Being fully present puts you in a powerful state of possibility. Your awareness is increased and you become open to opportunity. While conversing with others, be present and open with them, listen without your agenda clouding the conversation. Listening is a very attractive quality.

2. Be solution focused. When a problem is presented view it as an opportunity to be discovered. People who look for solutions rather than excuses are fun to be around and more productive than those who stop short. Flip problems into opportunities and you will be seen as innovative and supportive.

3. Be accepting of people even if your values and different. Use curiosity as a way to explore different views. We live in a dynamic world of contrast, without it we would be bored! Acceptance increases magnetism.

4. See the best in people and expect them to live up to it. Everyone has their unique strengths and talents. Look for the gifts in people and see them fulfilling their visions and dreams. Belief is the first step in creating what you want. Believing in others is a quality that people respect and admire.

Now go out in the world and shine!