My youngest son plays baseball and has the opportunity to be coached by a former Major League player. He gives inspiring speeches to the boys and one that really stands out in my mind was about greatness. “Boys, the difference between great players, the guys who make the major league and good players, the guys who play in the minor league, comes down to one thing… consistency.”

According to his wisdom, 20-50 swings a day will make a good player great. As I listened, I was thinking about marketing. How many so called “experts” make a name for themselves because they are constantly visible. They may not be the most qualified. They might not have the most knowledge or experience. What they do have is a system. They plan their work and then work their plan.

How can YOU become more Consistent?

1. Schedule a recurring free event and invite people to attend. This can be a teleseminar, a talk or a short event. The point is to always have something to invite people to, and then always invite them.

2. Send out an ezine or newsletter on a specific schedule. Weekly is best for increased visibility, however monthly is better than not at all! Schedule it and make it happen.

3. Blog each week. It can as long or short as you want. The point is to put your message out there each week. Once is the minimum, twice is better.

4. Tweet daily. A daily tweet keeps you in front of your followers. It give them a reminder of what you do and who you are.

5. Plan your events for the year. Schedule group coaching classes, workshops and larger events for the entire year. Talk about them months before they happen. Give your followers something to look forward to.

6. Schedule your appointments in blocks of time and follow your schedule. Consistency in your schedule helps with the structure of your business.

7. Add people to your list every day. Where ever you go, invite people to join your list. Focus on growing your list and your business will follow.

Start today. Invest some time to choose what you will do. Choose at least one thing to add to your marketing plan. Once you decide on your plan, get into action. Invite, share your wisdom and follow your plan. It can make the difference between good and great!


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