It's Memorial Day.

Can I share something personal, that has made a big impact on me?

My brother died last week.

And the reality of his departure really lit a fire under me.

For the first time ever, I could see someones entire life. Beginning to end.

And I asked myself these questions:
What legacy do I want to leave?
What impact will I make?
How will I be remembered?

Today, as we remember those no longer with us, we also have an opportunity to remember why we are in business.

What do you really stand for? What legacy do you want to leave?

My mission is to help entrepreneurs understand how to make more money by leveraging their true purpose and passion.

I do that by helping them align with their "Money Spot."

Here is a quick video of me helping a copywriter find her "Money Spot":

It feels great to be doing the work I'm passionate about.

The problem is I keep hearing that there are a LOT of you who have not quite figured out how to Find Your Money Spot…

We have to change that.

Time is limited.

So, here is what I'm going to do.

This week, in honor of my brother and Memorial Day, I'm giving away virtual "Find Your Money Spot Sessions." (We meet on the phone)

I will show you exactly how to leverage your strengths and purpose into revenue streams.

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Leave the legacy you are meant to leave.

One "Find Your Money Spot Session" with Patti helped me see how I could create $50,000 from just ONE opportunity this year, and I did!"

"Patti Keating is PURE GENIUS when it comes to helping clients find their Money Spot!

When she uncovers your values and strengths, you'll think she has psychic powers! I know I did!

When she you shows you how your uniqueness helps you form a stand out brand, you'll realize you can profit from the very things you LOVE.

And when she shows you exactly HOW to profit from you, you'll be smiling all the way to the bank.

The bottom line? One session with Patti helped me see how I could create $50,000 from just ONE opportunity this year, and I did!"

If you're feeling unclear about your niche, how you can stand out in a crowded marketplace, or if you're wondering how you can double your income…. Patti's "Find Your Money Spot" IS A MUST!"

Kristin Thompson
Speak Serve Grow

If you are serious about making a bigger impact, in the world and your bank account, schedule time to Find Your Money Spot.

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"Patti Keating has an unbelievable ability to draw your genius out FAST."

"During her "Find Your Money Spot Session", she helped me see clearly what I didn't LOVE about my business…and what I had been tolerating selling because it's what I thought everyone expected.

Patti helped me see that I CAN sell what people want AND my genius all at the same time. And she gave me practical and specific "how to" steps to take from a concept to a reality.

I am VERY excited to take this to market and profit from it.

Thank you, Patti!"

Eileen Gordon
Online Biz Boss

It's you and me… one on one.

Let's make your life count.

P.S. Remember this is only available next week. So schedule your session now.

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