People often ask me, “Where do you get all your energy?” I smile because everything and everyone is energy. There is no shortage. It is not out there somewhere waiting for you to find it, you ARE it! And, YOU choose how much and what kind you will run through your beautiful body. It is simply a matter of being plugged in. You are at choice about the level of energy you experience. It may require a change of habits, however you are at choice. Once you choose to be full of vibrant energy, how do you stay connected?

Many people think they need to stay motivated. Motivation is an external response, one that is felt by reading someone’s words, or seeing someone’s success. Either way it’s attainment relies on other people. To sustain lasting and consistent success, stop looking for motivation… and start living from inspiration. Let your true spirit come through you and flow into your business. Then you will have all the energy you need to make BIG things happen. Inspiration is an internal response, a response to your spirit. When you are in alignment with your purpose, inspiration flows like tap water! So… what does it take to tap in to the true purpose within you, and achieve your ideal business?

Give yourself space and quiet time to reflect, you already know exactly who you are. You just aren’t paying attention. Trust your intuition. Learn to listen to that quiet voice that nudges you along. It may be faint, but it is definitely powerful! Break through the self-sabotage that keeps you from the personal freedom you deserve. Being stuck keeps you small and does nothing to support your success. You absolutely must overcome your limiting patterns.

The more you understand WHO you are the easier it becomes to manifest WHAT you want. Certainty and confidence create results. To create your ideal business, you must know… absolutely without any doubt who you are AND what you want. You must be able to see, taste, and most important of all… FEEEEEL it! You can recognize your alignment when you feel vibrant and alive!

I not talking about a little certainty, I mean the deep knowing in you. You will recognize it, when you let it become your vision and it brings you to tears of sheer joy. That deeply felt vision usually involves being of service to others, or part of something bigger than you. It’s your big vision. It is what you want for the world. It comes from your heart. You can’t want something for the world that you are not connected to. So dream, BIG! Be ALL of you, connected to a collective dream.

Live like you MEAN it!

I will be watching in awe of the beauty you will bring to yourself and the world!