One year ago today a group of people returned from a 2 day vision quest. They gathered together to refresh their bodies with a morning meal. Their work was almost complete. As they entered the sweat lodge they prepared to let go of all the beliefs, experiences and stories that had held them back in their lives. This highly committed group was ready for greatness, expansion, preparing to make lasting change in the world. Little did they know 3 lives would end and 1000’s would be forever altered by what was about to occur.

As I awoke this morning I asked myself, what can I do today to honor those who are gone, the families who miss them so deeply, and everyone effected by the devastation of misused power? If I continue to blame, shame or justify, I will continue to give my personal power to a man who actively sought to feed himself off other peoples energy. So, I wondered, what new direction might I take in my life? Gratitude came to mind. Feeling and experiencing the profound beauty of the day. Living my life from love. All my answers are found though love, forgiveness and acceptance. Life flows easily when I come from love, beauty is seen through loving eyes. As I join (in spirit) the Angel Valley Celebration of Life at the Garden of Transformation, I honor my friends and peers for who they are, and I wish you a day of lovingly celebrating life.