From a very young age, maybe 7, I knew that I had a natural ability to inspire others to share their true beauty, their gift in the world. What I hadn’t yet learned was that inspiration, my innate gift, was also a responsibility, one that would keep close tabs on me, and assure that I shared the purpose I was given.

The problem with choosing to live on purpose is that when you live in alignment with it, you are forever changed.

Life is amplified. Things get real. Living in the truth requires experiencing life in a deeper way, a more meaningful way. Your fears feel… well more frightening. Your doubts seem bigger than ever. And your expectations expand.

The truth is, this experience is you…

When you are unleashed, your ability to contribute explodes.

I learned this first hand when I dove full on into my own personal development quest. An experience that turned my world on its head, ending my 12-year marriage and moving me miles away from the place I had always called home, with 2 young children.

In this defining moment I decided to invest in my number one asset. Me.

So with almost no money, and a $750 a month income, I registered for an event that would teach me how to harness this purpose of mine, and bring it to those who were searching for what I could teach them.

It was not a small investment.

But I did it.

Because I did not have a small purpose.

It took me 47 days from that one investment to reach my first $10,000 month.

And I never looked back. I learned that investing in myself and putting myself in environments with other purpose driven 6 and 7 figure business owners was the key to my own belief in myself as well as the key to learning the strategies that these people knew to successfully market their businesses.

That one decision shaped the future that I am living today.

That is why I created an event for you, to pay it back.

If you are like me.

Purpose driven.

It’s called UNLEASHED The Live Event. And it’s happening in San Diego, November 6-8. You can read all about it at:

I have invited several of the experts I use in my own business to speak and teach the tools you need to put together a marketing funnel that creates a 7 figure business.

But not any 7 figure business. This is just for people who want to leverage their true purpose and help people. People who want to change the world. This is not for people who just want money.

Money comes when we create true value in the world. It is a measurement of contribution. Not an end in itself.

If you are still reading this chances are good that you are one of those people.  And I want to make it really easy for you to join us in November.

The ticket price will be $1000.

But I will give you an early bird price of just $297. And if you have a purpose driven friend who is ready to help more people, they can come for just $97.

I would love to see you there and help you make a bigger impact in the world.

Much love. And remember…

Be Real. Take A Stand. Change Lives.